About Us


Hi, we are Christina Henneke and Dakota Tudisco-Guntert, owners of Swindle My Soul! Thanks visiting our online retail store and supporting our business :)
Retail is a crazy industry. We feel strongly about changing the way people view what they wear and how they shop. Fashion is a fun, expressive and artistically charged experience, but it doesn't have to be so fast paced. If we can focus on purchasing things that we really love, instead of just as a knee jerk reaction to consumerism and short lived trends, then we can reduce the amount of waste on our planet as well as in our closets. 
Swindle My Soul was created in 2017 as the ambitious, new age, younger sibling web store to Swindlers boutique in Tucson, AZ. Our goal is to serve up items that you know you can't live with out and that we hope you'll enjoy for a long time. 
We are proud to be reducing waste by using recycled packaging, selling gently used and vintage items and listing carefully selected goods that we hope you'll keep for more than the average lifespan of products in a generation where things are thrown away so quickly. 
We love to support local artists and other women owned businesses whenever possible and enjoy working together to collaborate on creative projects. To work with us, please feel free to contact us via email at swindlemysoul@gmail.com or instagram @swindlemysoul.